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Yakima Auto Parts Wholesaler

Who we are… where we came from

We are a company that prides itself on quality. We do our best to educate our employees so they can give our customers strength of service through knowledge and an understanding of their needs. We are committed to provide the trained professional and do-it-yourselfer with the best known quality products at the most competitive prices.

The Pitzer family has owned and grown the business since 1945. Vic Pitzer moved from Seattle and purchased Yakima Grinding, an established automotive machine shop with nine employees. A post war production increase in consumer goods and a boom in car and truck sales allowed the company to add a complete auto parts store. Very much a family business Vic ran the store and controlled the purchases while his wife Margaret handled the bookkeeping. Vic’s’ sons Pete and Fred were both brought up in the store cleaning and sweeping the machine shop, and working during high school and college vacations.

Yakima Grinding

In 1971 Pete returned from the Air Force and began plans for opening a warehouse distributorship. Fred graduated from college and finished with the National Guard in 1973 joining Pete in opening P & F Automotive Warehouse. Pete and Fred along with their wives Judy and Kathy owned and operated the business growing the company to 5 added locations in Wapato, Zillah, Sunnyside, Quincy.

In 2008 the 3rd generation took control. Pete and Fred sold the company to their sons Jon Pitzer, Kevin Pitzer, and John Ibach in 2008. Both Jon and Kevin Pitzer grew up working in the business cleaning and stocking shelves and along with John Ibach worked throughout high school delivering.

After college, Jon (1992), Kevin (1998) and John (1992) all came back to work within the company stores and eventually P&F. Purchasing the company from Pete and Fred in 2008 began the 3rd generation of ownership.

In 2002 they made their first acquisition in purchasing a store in Union Gap, then the purchased House of Automotive Parts & Paint located in Pasco. In 2021 they purchased the NAPA Auto Parts stores in Kennewick and Pasco. Their most recent purchase was in 2022 when they bought the Yakima 1st street NAPA Auto Parts store. P&F continues to service from the Canadian border to northeastern Oregon and eastern Cascades into western Idaho. Focusing on quality parts, competitive prices, and unbeatable service the company looks to continue to expand.