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Choosing the right auto paint brand is essential to the success of your car painting project. Whether you paint dozens of cars per week at your automotive business or you've got a single project car in your driveway, P & F Automotive Warehouse has the auto paint you need.

As a Federated supplier, we've negotiated with America's top auto parts manufacturers to supply products that meet or exceed OEM specifications. When you shop at P & F Automotive Warehouse, you know you're getting the highest-quality parts available.

Visit a reputable auto parts wholesaler in Pasco, Quincey, Goldendale or Yakima, WA today.

Why choose P & F Automotive Warehouse?

P & F Automotive Warehouse is the preferred auto parts wholesaler in Pasco, Quincey, Goldendale and Yakima, Washington. The brands we carry are well-known for their...

  • High-quality products
  • Vibrant colors
  • Durability

Browse our selection of name-brand auto parts and paint manufacturers below.

Auto Paint Manufacturers

Below, please find a list of manufacturers we purchase from and sell products to:


Abrasives, Sealers, Safety Products


Striping Tape


Distributors of the world's finest Airbrush Materials


Professional Car Detailing & Paint Refinishing


Spray Technology


Adhesives, Fillers, Sealers, Color Coat


Shop Towels, Specialty Cloths, Napkins, Toilet Paper, Hand Soap, Dispensers


Automotive Refinish Products


Body Fillers, Coatings, Aerosols & Adhesives

Valspar Industrial Mix

Valspar Industrial Mix

AkzoNobel Paint

AkzoNobel Paint

Sikkens and Lesonal

Auveco Fasteners

Auveco Fasteners

Purple Abrasives

Purple Abrasives